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If you are a brand looking to work with some of the top influencers in the health and fitness industry, then you're in the right place. 

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The following set of questions will ask you about your brand/product and any specific projects you already have in mind. 

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Please make sure you let us know WHO you are as a brand. What are your values, aims and general message statement. Feel free to also give any background to your business that you feel may be important for us to understand your business better.
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For individualized influencer campaign projects, we have a minimum budget spend of £2.5k, however, we do also have an option for a general influencer outreach which is less.

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If you have an immediate deadline, we may be able to accommodate starting your project before the official launch to brands.
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Are you interested in working with a blogger who does not live in the country of focus, but whose audience primarily is there?

Some bloggers may live in one country, but have the majority of their traffic and following residing elsewhere. For example, a blogger may live in the UK, but blog about US health trends, thus the majority of their following may be US based.
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If you are looking to promote your brand on a smaller budget, we recommend you discussing with our editorial team for social media awareness and promotion emailing editorial@healthbloggerscommunity.com or for UK events emailing brands@healthbloggerscommunity.com
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