HBC  Influencer Crew Application
Our influencer crew includes content creators of all sizes and backgrounds. Our aim is to educate, empower and inspire you by bringing you free courses and Q&As, mastermind groups, exclusive launch events and much more.

We’ll select Influencers for special events and partnerships based on a number of factors, including location, relevance to the events and our team's best judgment based on what we know about your audience and content.
Thank you so much for showing interest in joining our influencer crew

We  only accept influencers with a minimum or 5K+ followers on Instagram, or 10K+ monthly views on their blog.  We will also take into account the quality of your content when making our decision.

Applications that do not meet this criteria will be disregarded.
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Thank you so much for applying to our influencer crew. The application review will take between 4-5 business days.

We will contact you with next steps if the application is successful.