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Make sure you take the time to answer the questions below to make sure you comply to our eligibility standards.
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Eligibility Standards

These standards have been created as a way to provide the best value to students who are looking to fulfil the certification. Make sure you answer all the questions provided.
The Curriculum Explained

Part One: Credibility in the Health and Wellness industry

- Overview of the wellness landscape
- The ‘Gold Standard’ for wellness content
- The principles of credibility in wellness
- Maintaining credibility as a blogger

Part Two: Compliance to Marketing and Advertising Standards within the Influencer Marketing Industry

- Communication within the realm of professional interest
- Transparency in advertising
- Disclosing partnerships
- Professionalism within ambassadorships and collaborations
- Ownership and protecting online content
Minimum Requirements

There is no minimum number of followers for this. Ideally we would be looking influencers with at least 6 months of activity and a minimum audience of 1,000 across platforms, however, we currently assess each case individually.
What's your name? *

Why are you an influencer? *

What is the purpose of your account and what are your goals?
Your Online Presence

We'll ask you to provide your main links to vet your online presence. A few of the things we'll be looking at include: quantity and quality of content, number of followers, quality of followers (aka no bought followers) and engagement.
How long have you been active in the industry? *

As in producing online content
Please provide us with your website link

If you do not have a website skip this step
Please provide us with your Instagram link *

Your level of expertise

This includes an overview of qualifications and skills, as well as years experience they possess in clinical or professional practice, membership of a professional body and any of industry awards and/or recognised accolades.
Do you happen to possess any qualifications? *

Please provide an on overview of qualifications and skills

Don't forget to outline of level of expertise in your field or speciality, and years experience in clinical or professional practice
Do you possess a membership of a professional body?

(e.g. REPS for personal trainers, The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) for nutritional therapists, or the Association of Nutrition for nutritionists.)
Please list any industry awards and/or recognised accolades you may have received below

Anything else we may need to know?

Thank you so much, we'll let you know as soon as the doors open!
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